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About Us

We are located in the heart of Traverse City at the Cherry Capital Airport. As a USPPA certified instructor, we will give you the knowledge that you will need to be a safe pilot in the air and on the ground. We have the ability to practice ground handling on the beaches of Lake Michigan, and fly over the most beautiful areas in northern Michigan.


Why Us?


Learn to kite on the beaches of Lake Michigan to gain fast kiting skills with laminar air flow. 

This will help decrease the amount of running you would have to do inland. 

More About The Instructors

Tyler began his flying career in 2008 when he obtained his Private Pilots License. After, He graduated from the College of Aviation at Western Michigan University. After college, he went on to ATP flight school where he obtained his commercial multi-engine, Instrument rating, followed by CFI school. 

His first flying gig was as a jump pilot in saginaw (Skydive Saginaw Bay) where he found an interest in the fun type of flying. There, he found the sport of powered paragliding and knew he had to bring the sport to northern Michigan. 

While building roots in Traverse City flying paramotors, he also worked at TVC as an Airport Operations Supervisor. The knowledge gained from flight school, CFI school, and airport operations has led to a flight school that will help others achieve their goals of flight. 



United States Powered Paragliding Association 

While powered paragliding is regulated by FAR 103, USPPA has allowed paramotor pilots and instructors to become self-regulated before the FAA adds more regulations to the sport. This organization has set training standards and criteria to ensure the safety of pilots and training. This is where you can gain skills to become a PPG 1, PPG 2 and PPG 3 pilot. see more on their website.



1220 Airport Access Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686


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